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This document (est. 1/95) is a substitute for a FAQ-OM (Frequently Asked Questions Of Me, such as "What are you teaching this year?", "ARE you teaching this year?", "Do we have lab this week?", "Why do you work with sea urchins, anyway?", "Aren't they poisonous?", "What diseases are you trying to cure?", "Do you still play in a band?", "Where?", "Where are the bathrooms located in the Mcguire Life Sciences building?"). This document contains information about things for which I am responsible, some pictures, a few sites on the Internet that I like, and answers to some but not all of these questions. It is currently being sporadically revised. At the end of this page, you will find various ways of contacting me. Don't be shy, unless you are trying to sell something. Then you will find that I don't make pledges over the phone and besides I'm not home.

Amherst College Courses


These are some courses I teach with the syllabi from the last or current offerings. All non-seminar biology courses are with laboratories. Click on the course number for more information.

Research Interests

My research concerns nuclear transformations of the sea urchin sperm during spermatogenesis (when the male germ line nucleus is globally silenced to form the sperm nucleus) and following fertilization (when the egg reactivates the sperm nucleus to form the male pronucleus which contributes one half of the new zygote's genome). Current work focusses on membrane fusion and the formation of the nuclear envelope using a cell-free system.

Musical Performances

When I am not in the office, in the lab or at home, you might find me playing baritone, soprano or alto sax, clarinet or bass clarinet. Click GIGS below for upcoming performances and a few recorded samples. Come and enjoy some jazz and support live music everywhere!

Miscellaneous Information

Voice-mail Office (413) 542-2198
Voice-mail Lab (413) 542-8183
Fax (413) 541-7955
Amherst College Biology Department (413) 541-2314


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